Multimedia mapping has exploded as a new way to collect and share location-based information. With the advent of easy to use map interfaces, the increasingly availability of GPS tools, and now the accessibility of authoring tools, multimedia maps have reached the mainstream. What are the benefits of such tools for researchers, scientists, scholars, and artists? How can multimedia maps create new ways of understanding the world in which we live? What new stories can we tell, what new knowledge can we produce, through the creative use of multimedia-enhanced maps? How can can collaborative authorship of such environments enrich both the creators of such resources and the users of them? These are some of the over-arching questions the ISIS students have been exploring about multimedia mapping.

After spending the Spring 2009 semester developing a toolkit for mapping (see, students in DukeEngage went to Muhuru Bay with the toolkit and began helping researchers map the community. They became involved in various global health projects, as well as with the development of the boarding school for girls being developed by the WISER foundation. Subsequent groups of students, faculty, and staff have continued on with the project.


Welcome to the Muhuru Bay Mapping Site

Muhuru Bay is a region in Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria.


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